Just jump in! But, don’t try to do it for too many days before you let yourself cum.

I recommend a first attempt at denial to be three or four days, and plan to cum the evening of the last night, really take some time to enjoy it.

After that you can try it for a week and see where you go from there!

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you fail, this is supposed to be fun and you’re just learning. You can take it more seriously as you get more into it. And of course if you go over you can always ruin it!

The standard routine I recommend is this:

At least four edges a day, you can do more if you’re in the mood. The first one just as you wake up, before you do anything else. The next two during the day, it’s quite fun to do one somewhere ‘naughty’ like a restroom at work if you’re into that kind of thrill. Then the final one in bed as you’re settling down to sleep It doesn’t have to be the very last thing you do, you may want to read afterwards etc just to calm down a bit to sleep better.

I tend to suggest you avoid toys for at least the morning edge, it’s really good to just get back to using only fingers. But vibes and dildos and whatever tickles your fancy is great for the rest.

And then, if you want to make it even more intense during the day when you’re not actually edging there are lots of things you can do. Some of my favourites include making someone:

  • wear sexy underwear hidden under normal clothes
  • go without panties 
  • wear panties, but pulled up right into you, or pulled down around your thighs (amazingly annoying but quite fun), or even a thong worn backwards
  • wear a crotch rope (see instructions in another post)
  • watch porn or browse tumblr
  • apply arousal gel to your clit (check sex stores)
  • wear a butt plug
  • insert a comfortable dildo (you can keep it in place with a crotch rope
  • get a vertical clit hood piercing!

I hope that helps!

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