Hi James!

This is the first time I have contacted you, as the Wheel of Punishment ordered me to tell you my darkest fantasy. I have been following your blog for months, but finally decided to join in on the 1st of this month. Clearly need to practice more if I am visiting the punishment wheel already! I am also on 3 day no touch, which is driving me crazy. I still spin the Wheel of Denial, just to torture myself with the fact that i could be having all those edges if I hadn’t gone over.

Well, here’s one of my fantasies. It’s hard to say if it is my darkest, as I have a lot of them!

It starts with me alone in my house, comfortable, safe. Glass of wine, trash TV, pyjamas, the works. My partner is due home from work soon. When the door opens, he comes into the living room. He is obviously drunk, and he is not alone. There are 2 other men with him. My partner doesn’t speak, but comes over and kisses me roughly, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. I try to push him off, embarrassed by his behaviour in front of others, but he knocks my hands away and slaps me across the face, ordering me never to push him away again. He pulls out his cock and tries to push it into my mouth. I try to stand, to leave, but he grabs me by the throat and throws me to my knees in front of the other men. ‘If you won’t suck my cock, then you can suck theirs’. He forces me to suck off both of his friends, while ripping my clothes from my body. He reaches between my legs, and slides his fingers into my wet pussy. He finger fucks me hard, knowing my body better than myself, and brings me to the edge, but won’t let me cum. All three of them force their cocks into my mouth, one after the other, relentless. My partner keeps me riding on the edge, until I start begging for him to stop, to let me go or let me cum, but just make it all stop. He won’t let me cum, saying having me desperate and needy made me suck cock better. He tells me that all 3 of them will be fucking me, but it has to be me that begs for them to fuck my holes. He keeps edging me while cock after cock hits the back of my throat. I am so desperate to cum, but I don’t want to fuck these strangers, so I try to go with it, hoping they get bored, or cum in my mouth. Then my partner pulls out my wand, and I know then I will lose.

Oh we haven’t had one of these in ages, thank you! Remember folks, fantasies are good for you, they do NOT necessarily mean you want it in real life, it’s you exercising the single most important sexual organ, YOUR BRAIN. So get fantasising, don’t be lazy, and if you want to, share it with us!


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