You asked for it, a lot, and now it’s here.

The wheel of punishment!

Now, when you go over the edge or even cum when you’re supposed to be denied, you have somewhere to go.

You have to do one spin if you went over and ruined it, and if you cum like a little harlot with no self control and ENJOY it… well, that’s THREE punishments for you!

You’ll soon learn, denial is better.

Good girls

Well shit, nearly 300 of you horny little fuckers have spun this thing in less than a day. You are very, very naughty! Yes I’m watching you, let’s see what the stats say…

Now this comes as no surprise, it’s you perverted Americans who have the least self control. It’s all that repressed sexuality. You should all be denied until you’re 21, that sounds like a good plan (it works so well for alcohol).

Oh but look, look, this is interesting, iPhone users lead the list wanting punishment, isn’t that interesting! And I though it would be the Windows Phone users who would be the most masochistic. Or maybe just there aren’t any of them… I suppose it’s not that surprising that those compelled to buy the shiniest trendy gadgets also have the worst self control.

Yep, very, very naughty, and I love you all!

PS to the girl asking where to aim when you get the breast smack result… you know, I’ll leave that to you. Whatever feels right. You can handle these big decisions.

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