Three months, and counting…

As I’ve said elsewhere I’m not hugely into the actual number of days, I’m very hands on in denying someone, taking each day as it comes (no pun intended) and making the experience the most mind-blowing I can.

On short term denial it’s great to say it’ll be a day or a week, etc but beyond that I tend to like to make you focus on the present, rather than obsess about the future, and so keep it to myself until you are allowed to know you’ll be allowed to cum soon (that day or two of anticipation is very hot too).

However there’s times that can be different. A writer of one of my favourite, now defunct, denial blogs used to set some of his ‘harem’ a specific number of edges before they could orgasm. The twisted element being you have to choose to either go slow and not be crazy horny, but wait longer for release, or do lots and endure almost unbearable arousal, for a shorter amount of time.

Having said that, there’s definitely a pride element in going for longer. That gives me an idea for a question…

Tell me readers, what’s the longest you’ve been denied for, and, how long do you secretly wish you be kept in orgasm denial?

If I get a selection of interesting answers I’ll post them anonymously for you all to read.

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