Well on the whole while virginity can be preserved, penetration is required as part of the classes at the denial academy, as you can read about here:


and here


Virginity, of course, is not related to whether you have penetrated your vagina or your hymen is intact, but is purely related to whether you’ve had penetrative sex with another person (lesbian definitions vary but that does it for me).

Occasionally we get students who have been put on no touch for extended periods, or had their labia closed with piercings, or perhaps even infibulated to enforce anal only status. They will not be spared anal penetration, in fact their anuses are treated just as pussies, and all masturbation and training is simply done to that hole.

The other girls are pretty mean about it though, at least that’s what we hear. They tell them all the time how good it feels to fuck their pussies and make them watch when they do their homework edges before laughing at them just doing it to their ass in return. It’s not easy for an anal only girl, but it does build character.

There’s an anal only club that they can go and seek solace in, and share their unique frustration with the other girls who are anal only, by choice or otherwise. They share such things as anal edging tips, nipple masturbation and the practicalities of having a never ending craving to be filled.

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