What a great question, I’ve been working through the OVER 1,200 responses we got to the survey this week.

I’m picking out some of the longer ones for individual posts but here’s a quick selection of some of my favourite short responses:

The irony is that the only fantasies that get me off are about orgasm denial. It doesn’t matter what the fantasy is – every fantasy, and every orgasm I’ve ever had, has involved not being allowed to cum. Even my very first orgasm. Oh the irony of being a denial slut! 

I am in a remote village and I’m the village slut that everyone uses as common property.

Being tied up with my legs spread unable to touch but at the mercy of anyone who wants to tease me. In never allowed to come no matter how much they touch

Being tied to a gurney with my legs and pussy going through a wall and random guys fucking my exposed and glistening cunt for as long as they want. And no matter how many hard throbbing dicks I take and no matter how thoroughly they fuck me I am NOT allowed to cum because I am there for THEIR pleasure, not mine!

Being bound and fucked by a machine. Having it thrust in and out with such a precise rhythm, but having it slow right down or pause for a few minutes right before I cum

Having my cunt locked up and used as an anal and oral only fuck toy

Being teased in a predicament …such as hitachi against my clit, while his cock is pressed against my bum hole, and I’m not allowed to cum or else, so I need to press him, reluctantly, into my bottom

I think about a man standing above me while I masturbate. He’s instructing me, telling me to rub my clit faster and faster. He tells me to stick a finger in my hot, wet pussy. I do whatever he says. He’s jerking off above me. When I get to my climax, I feel his hot wet seed cover me.

I think about several different things, often, they involve some sort of tentacles, generally mechanical, and always an aphrodisiac injected into my nipples, clitoris, and near my anus. I’m always tied to the wall or suspended in midair while I’m penetrated in all three holes and have little suckers on my nipples. Either that or there’s a man with a bunch of toys making me come until I pass out, in this one I’ve generally been abducted, or I’m being prepped for sale in a slave trade, and am sold to a man who uses me as entertainment for guests.

One of my earliest fantasies was acting as a testing object at a sexual school, where boys were being tested on their abilities to make a girl come, and I was supposed to resist coming or making any sounds or clues as to whether I was getting close to coming.

I’m at the incoming for a slave school. As the girls are processed they are put in a chair and given a shot in the clit. The shot is permanent. It not only blocks the orgasm, but makes the girls constantly horny to a new extent. It does cause a burst of incredible pain instead of an orgasm. I am then spanked/figged or taken anally.

I’m locked in a chastity belt and vaginal plug, only unlocked to clean and re-locked with daily inspections, not knowing if or when the next release will be, daily oral service to my hubby-keyholder

You touching me. I always think that my hands are yours. And you’re touching me.

That last one’s particularly sweet 😛

Maybe I’ll compile all the nasty ones soon too! Some of you girls are twisted little fuckers! I love it. After all, what’s fantasy for if you can’t explore ideas you’d never actually want in real life, but still turn you on…

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