I love them. I love how they look, I love the fact they keep your nipples erect and stimulated and that it usually makes them more sensitive. I love the fact you’re enduring some suffering in order to gain longer term pleasure. I love the fact they’re your naughty little secret, that you actually have modified your body so you get more pleasure – that’s so hot.

But I also like the fact that, possibly tiny scars aside, they are reversible. You can take them out and just heal up and be back as you were. That’s the main reason I’m not a huge advocate of tattoos, I’d always recommend piercings over tatts. 

They aren’t easy though, expect several months of care before they heal, possible infection, and there is a risk of your nipples losing sensitivity in some rare cases. So make sure to do your research, only go to an excellent, recommended or well reviewed piercer, who will be happy to talk it all through with you before you even book the piercing if they are any good.

Surprisingly, while even more intimate, the clit piercing (or vertical clit hood piercing as it’s properly known) is even easier than nipples. It’s the least painful as the skin there is very thin, it tends to heal much faster, be easier to look after and also can keep your clit stimulated (although results vary).

So if you’re seriously thinking of getting it done, my advice would be, just go for it! It’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s reversible. If you’ve done your research, found a good piercer, but are just not doing it because you’re scared, be brave, do it, you’ll be proud you did.

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