I’ve just ordered rubber bands so I can try ‘snaps’. Tried it with a bobble but didn’t hurt in the slightest so I think it has to be a rubber band. Apart from a little bit of nipple torture with clamps, i’m not really in to pain so I thought snaps would be a great punishment for going over, ruined or otherwise.

I’ve been thinking about what to do after juNO ends and we all finally get to cum. I’m going to speak to my husband and see if he’ll continue my denial and only allow an orgasm on the last day of each month. We’ve dabbled in denial briefly before but i’ve never had great self control and he’s never been great at punishing me. A fixed date to work towards and a pre-arranged punishment for going over should hopefully help though.

I’ve edged twice today, i’ll do another edge in the bath tonight and type up my day 9 report later. Husband is back from work for the weekend this evening. He usually goes to the pub on a Friday, i’m hoping to atleast get to suck his cock tonight. I have NEVER been eager to suck anyone’s cock, i’ve always done it just to keep them happy. Nor have I ever been bothered about anal sex but i’d happily take that this weekend too! Looks like i’m turning into a proper little denial slut.


I love seeing the changes it’s bringing about in you Lily, well done!

I think this is the third time I have read the phrase “see if he’ll continue my denial” today! Man, we are all in for it now.

What do you think it is, just the high? Or is it the mind fuck? The relinquishing of control? Or is it the ability to embrace play through out the day?

How many of you edge on a daily basis outside of this challenge? What do you see as the difference?

I think its a mixture of mind fuckery, relinquishing control and the high. Its better sex too. My husband works away for 12 days at a time, is back for the weekend then away for another 12 days. If i’ve had all the orgasms I want, i’ll have sex with him really just to keep him happy. When he came home last night though, it was day 9 of my denial and I was pretty much on my knees begging to suck his cock. And he seems to have amazing self-control and is taking great delight in making me wait, the absolute bastard.

I don’t normally edge on a daily basis, only since juNO started but I think daily edging will continue long after juNO has finished!


Reblogging for the awesome notes.

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