An excellent question.

It is of course, okay to be shy, it can be quite endearing. However girls are often sent to the Denial Academy because they are clearly capable of so much if they were to overcome their shyness, so the academy do see this ‘breaking out of their shell’ as you nicely put it as an important part of their training as good denial sluts and eligible future fuck toys.

Ms Flowers, who is the House Mistress for the first years does have some specific measures she takes in your first year at the Academy.

One of her initial tests is that all newbie girls are told to strip naked in one of their early assemblies. The girls who stop at just their underwear, and the last five to complete the task have all their clothes locked away for two days – so areforced to do all classes and social time completely naked.

That alone is very persuasive, but for some it’s a matter of body image rather than shyness so this is addressed by all girls in the weekly ‘Love yourself first’ social class which includes activities like the entire class complimenting each student on what is best about their bodies and attitude; joint edging while whispering positive statements to the other student, and ‘mantra edging’ where each student learns simple positive statements such as ‘I am beautiful’, ‘I can do anything I choose if I try hard and don’t cum’ and ‘I am made to give pleasure’ to use while they edge.

However shyness is also tested in most classes where students are required to demonstrate edging, toy use and pleasuring others. The reality is that the edging itself does most of the work. As long as a shy girl is not allowed to cum her horniness will soon displace much of her shyness and have her more than eager to show her deepest depths of sexuality to the other girls she’s come to know as friends and denial buddies.

If there remains an unacceptable level of shyness, however, the school does have some summer programs that will deal with it more aggressively.

It’s very important all students have built up a strong sense of worth and positive body image before the humiliation and degradation kink classes start in the second term. That’s when they really get tested…

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