Okay folks, two years ago one of the big breakthroughs for this blog was my original Orgasm Denial Survey. Despite only having a few thousand followers 1,100 of you horny fuckers replied to it, and everything went a bit nuts (congrats if that was you btw, you’re officially an old timer). I even made a logo:

(No that’s not a clickable link, thanks for trying anyway.)

Anyhow, insanely this blog is about to hit 40,000 followers probably this weekend (more on that in another post) so I thought it’d be a good time to do a follow up to that last survey, with a few tweaks.

While putting it together I thought it might be interesting to see what YOU are curious about. What question would you like to know from everyone else out there into denial. I’m sure together we can think of some great questions, and some stupid ones too:

So here’s your chance. Reblog this, or message me or send me an ask with the burning questions you’d like answered by the community about sex, orgasm denial and anything else even remotely pertinent and I’ll pick my favourite(s) and include them.

But I plan to launch it soon so reply to this ASAP if you want it considered.

Thanks lovely people!


I’m in a logo mood today. Nope that wasn’t clickable either.

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