It had been been more than two weeks, but He promised her that she would cum today.

spent a long time edging her. It felt like hours. He knew her noises
and her movements so well now – knew exactly when to pull the vibrator
off of her soaking wet cunt, when her whimpering and quivering got
frantic. Then, finally He said it.

It’s time.

“Oh, thank you, Sir,” she said around the rope gag, tight in her mouth.

held the magic wand a centimeter from her cunt. She resisted an almost
overwhelming urge to thrust forward and grind her cunt against it.

You tell me the instant you go over.

“Yes, Sir!”

took no time at all. She practically screamed that she was cumming the
moment she felt herself pass the point of no returning.

Then the
vibrator was gone. Off. She looked up at Him as her body shook, but He
just looked down on her, interested but otherwise unreadable. Her empty
cunt clenched and quivered as she moved and thrust, trying to feel
something. It was awful. Cumming and not cumming. There was very little
pleasure in it.

He watched her silently until her twitching and
spasming was nearly done. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the
lips, then said in a low voice, What do you say?

She wanted to tell Him that she hated it, that it was awful and unfulfilling, but of course, He knew all of that.

“Thank you for ruining my orgasm, Sir.”

@goodroughguy has a new ‘text only’ blog going on which I don’t think many of you have picked up on. Nice idea for SFW (ish) reading… where no one’s going to look over your shoulder and say ‘oh you’re into that too are you?’


Get stuck in because the posts are great and deserve WAY more attention.

And if you haven’t seen his edging focused one with pictures it’s @edgingcunts

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