Stop for a bit! Either just a break from masturbation and anything sexual for a while to recharge your libido batteries, or in a denial way, try ‘no touch’ for a bit, where you are deliberately denying yourself and seeing how long you can do it, so keeping your horniness topped up with reading tumblr, watching porn, playing with your breasts and some anal perhaps, just making your genitals out of bounds.

Like almost anything in life, when you can’t have it you want it much more.

Then there’s wider life tips, get out, get some exercise, use the saved fapping time to start a new hobby, join some group and make some new friends. Maybe even set yourself some targets, study or exercise or social and decide you won’t masturbate until you reach them!

Masturbation is great, but it’s okay to not do it too! Take a break, find fun elsewhere and I expect you’ll find yourself getting back to it and enjoying it again soon.

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