They are wonderful!

Actually, if you’re a trans girl but you still have your penis (or swap in preferred term here) you kind of have a special advantage in my opinion, because the one area where the poor cis female denial sluts don’t do so well as the boys is the chastity belts are pretty awful, super uncomfy, expensive (still can be very hot though). However, if you’ve got a little boi clit to lock in a cage (I really love cages) then you have the best of both worlds, a nice little leaking denial slut but absolutely no access to do anything about it, yummy!

If in doubt, lock it up!

Oh and for inspiration check out the incredible Kitty Lynn on our very own Tumblr.

On a more profound and less sexual level though, I think, trans guys or girls have one of the hardest challenges facing any group. Just seeing the struggle with friends of mine as they face the incredibly difficult journey of figuring out who they are and what they need to be is truly exhausting and can be devastating to important relationships. Anyone going through it has my admiration and respect. Hang in there, find people who love you for who you are, not who they want you to be, and believe in yourself, you are amazing.

No special treatment though! You’re still not allowed to cum! 😛

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