Yesterday my Sir came over to have some fun with his little denial slut. Our scene started with some shower fun. Vibe in, another one directly on my clothes. I kneeled in the shower servicing him as I felt the edge build up. Soon I was begging to be allowed to cum. That’s when he let me know the plan for the evening. I was to cum until I begged him to stop from the pain and pleasure of it all. Over and over he led to that edge and dropped me over. Soon I was a whining whimpering mess.
A brief respite while we left the shower, he wanted water so he made me walk down the stairs, waddle more like as I attempted to keep the vibes in. Stopping a few times to cum as my body continued to convulse as more and more orgasms were forced from me. Finally kneeling on the kitchen floor I broke down and started begging for him to stop. He did after just a couple more.
He left me with more instructions- 3 days no touch followed by 3 edges a day and at least 10 days of denial this time. He promised me I wouldn’t cum when I see him Saturday. I’m already wet and I want to touch my tortured clit. It’ll hurt so good.

A lovely little account of a D/s denial experience.

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