What a great question, thanks Em.

Okay, so if your partner(s) are trying the JuNO denial challenge then I do encourage you to try a few things:

  • Be really positive – it’s hard! Encourage them buy telling them how well they are doing, and being there to help them through the frustrating times
  • Make it your own – please please have a go at adding your own ideas to the mix, search through my tasks tags for ideas and the denial for couples tag
  • Make it worse – use your words and your touch to make them even hornier. Send them hot captions or stories or video that you know will really get them where it aches the most
  • Do some of the edges – if you’re seeing them in person, tie them up and do one of the edges on them – see if you can make them cry, they’ll love you for it
  • Take advantage of it – they want you to rub in the fact that they are denied, so make sure you’re getting them to make you cum regularly
  • Consider enforcing punishment – if you decide a ruin is really not acceptable, threaten to spank or punish them in a way that gets them super hot (this may be counter productive but who gives a shit, it’s hot)
  • Keep talking, ask them how they are feeling, get them to write a journal about the experience, even if it’s just for them, or the two of them
  • Get ready to celebrate success – even if it’s little success points, like a week denied, or the longest they’ve gone, or the whole 30 days. Tell them how proud you are and maybe give them little gifts or signs of encouragement

So, I’m intrigued, what’s the bet, what’s the prize, do tell us more!

Hope that all helps,


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