Welcome to edging.space

Thanks so much for visiting the new face of edging online, my apologies we haven’t put our make up on yet…

Due to Tumblr’s decision to ban all explicit content from 17th December I’ve created this WordPress blog in something of a rush to be a safe place for my 7,000 posts about the topic of edging and female orgasm denial.

You can still access the original blog, and it’s still a great place for exploring the topic of edging and orgasm denial and being part of the community who enjoy it. That’s now accessed via:


This blog, once it’s got its face on, will become the hub of both that content and other resources such as tasks, toy recommendations, some basic masturbation, sex and kink advice, and more in a much more organised format.

Something else for you to check out is my new bdsmlr account which is a NSFW friendly version of Tumblr. They’re struggling at the moment and lots of the features aren’t working, but you can follow me there and see what content I cook up at:


I’m looking forward to seeing what emerges from the ashes of Tumblr with you all!



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