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160325  Big Pleasure Stage

The girls had the stage to themselves at last. They’d read their manager’s note. He had noticed they’d been distracted since they’d started following that orgasm denial blog they’d found on Tumblr.
Despite the way it helped them act more sexily they were spending so much time edging that they weren’t writing any new material. So he’d read the blog and told them they were all on ‘No touch’ till further notice.
Sadly he hadn’t realised that this still meant they could play with their breasts… and being put on ‘no touch’ actually turned them all on even more.
Between themselves they made up a game. The first one to cave would be the others’ plaything for a week.
Hwasa rolled Wheein’s nipple between her finger and thumb, whispering in her ear, ‘I know how much you want to touch, your wet patch was obvious to all the crowd, go on, you can touch it, I’ll be nice, I promise’
Moonbyul and Solar laughed and cheered her on. At least if Wheein broke first they’d be able to use her mouth to finally get some relief!

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