Until recently one of the more secret benefits of being senior management in some of the large Japanese zaibatsu corporations were the ‘Kyohi no on’nanoko’ (Denial girls) who in place of a five year internship would opt for a one year term of service to fast track themselves into a long term career within the company.

Here we see a classic ‘Kyohi tēburu’ or denial table, where the girls would be secured during office hours over the early, and hardest part of their training.

Once they became accustomed to the use and abuse of their holes the tables were often done away with, however some executives liked to keep them in use to show top clients, and as a status symbol.

Denial girls are very popular in Japanese Hentai comics, pictured as living under a desk and servicing the management executive on demand, as pictured above. However most girls were shared, only the top management would have their own ‘Desk girl’.

Very simply the girls were not allowed to orgasm the entire year. Through a variety of mechanical and self stimulation they were kept lubricated and ready for use. If they came even once their service would be null and they would have to start from the beginning.

Once committed to the ‘Denial path’ however, no other recruitment options would be open to the girls, so it was an unfortunate reality that if a girl was particularly favoured, the executives would masturbate her until climax just before her year of service finished, and so force her to serve again.

The girl pictured in the first image is within hours of finishing her third year of denial. Her manager is just telling his colleagues how he plans to make her cum ten minutes before her year is up. She doesn’t look too pleased about it but with honour systems and Japanese societal expectations there is simply nothing she can do.

The practise has now been widely rejected but rumours persist of 

Kyohi no on’nanoko within some of the most traditional institutions to this day.

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