I didn’t want to clean my bathroom so I made it a game. I put on a little black dress and apron, and pretended I was a slave and had to do it before my Mistress got home so she wouldn’t beat me. It made cleaning much more fun and then I had a great orgasm afterwards!

I used to do this (minus the orgasm part lol) as a kid/teen, I can’t quite remember which, when I definitely did not want to ready my stuff for school the next day. And that was when I knew absolutely nothing about D/s or any other sort of BDSM related activities.

I find it really intriguing when I come across things from my childhood that screams submission. I was also always drawn to themes of slavery in fiction and I’d always find myself re-reading certain parts of books that had (completely PG-13) Master/slave interactions, and only those parts. Only recently did I realize that what I felt while reading those parts was probably arousal.

Seems I’m hardwired for submission and I’d have probably been drawn to a D/s relationship no matter what!

Lovely ideas and insights. Reblog and share your own reflections on early kink ‘hard wiring’

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