UHHH hello, it is me, super needy sex obsessed virgin, the other thigh squeezey one.

So it’s only three days in and I just managed to have an orgasm on my fingers, and not only that, it was an awesome red hot searing kind that I have only felt from the thigh squeezing. However it only came after spending practically every moment I could find with a hand down my pants trying different things, with a constant low buzz of arousal and getting progressively more sensitive and drippy.

To my anon comrade: I have a couple tips for her and whoever else is retraining… I assume people know this, but touch over your pants, and/or panties. It helps as a midway point from the indirect pressure you’re used to with the thigh squeezing and pillow humping.

Here’s the main one though that makes me feel like a genius and a million bucks. Try isolating and engaging those same muscle groups you use when you’re on your tummy, while you rub your clit! I think because of the way we’re used to doing it, those muscles are actually pretty strong already, so once you figure it out you’ll realize you’ll can even squeeze the muscles really hard WITHOUT squeezing your legs together. Or, is this how normal maaturbators do it and I’m just to thick to have realized it… Either way, within seconds of thinking of and trying that I went over the edge. Yay!

This is great! Well done! I’m so pleased to hear you’ve had success already cumming other ways than ‘prone’. And yes, as I’d said in that message yesterday to the poor (or twistedly lucky…) anon who couldn’t cum at all, learning to ‘hold tension’ in your body is key to not just cumming but cumming really hard. As well as those pelvic muscles just experiment with holding a kind of ‘pressure’ with your chest/breathing too. That’s basically doing a similar thing. You can either hold your breath or tense your tummy muscles while breathing a little. Add to THAT your pelvic/thigh tension and cumming should get even easier.

At which point you’ll stop, right? And just edge.. 😀

On the same topic I also heard back from ‘prone’ girl

Hey. This is the anon prone masterbater again. (I know… Three messages in one day is a little crazy) I’ve been awful busy 😉 so I just did a little coin flip challenge and now I’m going to bed super horny and achey. I’m pretty sure I had at least one super successful edge and I’m wondering if I could slip over just once tomorrow to make sure I’m doing it correctly. The edge I felt was so intense and I wish I could do that like 20 more times. Goodnight sir. See you tomorrow

Again, brilliant job, Well done! And 20 times, well it’s a target!

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