Aww one of my cute little ‘pretend to be innocent’ followers. How sweet. I love you guys so much. But you need to learn to create secret secondary blogs so you can indulge your dark side and reblog all the things that make your tight little cunts drip.

Now, two weeks denial, that’s great, good girl!.And not cumming when you could, impressive. But you’ve got to be careful not doing what the wheel says… sometimes it just knows better. You’ve missed your chance now. No more wheel spinning until Christmas. Just a coin, tossed each time you’re horny. Heads is edge, tails is no touch. You cannot toss it again for an hour. You can spin again on Christmas Day.

And, if you want to talk to me… we have a messenger on here now you know. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your secrets, I’ll just give you lots of new ones.

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