In a remarkable and unexpected turn of events, the Tumblr gods heard my cry and just got its explicit flag turned off!

What this means is not only can I have pretty pictures in my logo and header but much, MUCH more importantly, SEARCH WORKS AGAIN!

Also, Google should be able to properly index the content once more.

This is HUGE, and goes a long way to making this blog a worthwhile use of my time instead of just focusing on the other stuff (which I’ll keep doing too).

To celebrate you’re all allowed an orgas… only kidding. Let’s have a logo competition instead. Get your thinking hats on, I want some suggestions of what would be a suitable SFW image to put all over the blog.

For technical reasons I’ve turned off the custom domain thing that redirected this to while Google indexes all the site again.

That still works but it redirects to (just to save you having to type it (or will soon).


I’m all excited again now.


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