That awkward moment when you find out that your worst enemy at school is also sleeping with the MILF who turned you out. And said MILF wants to watch you make our with said worst enemy.

Tricia’s great caption inspired me to write my own version:

That awkward moment when you find out the other sub your dom’s been training for the last year is the hot girl from school who you hate so much. 

Did he know you used to fantasise about her, did you tell him and just forget you had? Was he going to make you her bitch, or make her yours? You looked into her eyes and realised she was thinking the same, and of course, he knew.

‘You’re both mine, that’s all that matters now. No talking at all, start kissing. I’ll be back in an hour or two.’

And later, when he came back in to find you both naked, curled around each other, you realised with a smile that all your questions had been answered.

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