Firstly congratulations on trying it, I’m hoping you enjoyed the experience given you want to try it again, and you spent four hours on it!

The four hours is probably the cause of your problem. If you rubbed your knee for that long it’d probably be sore, let alone the most sensitive part of your body.

Perhaps you’re new to masturbation too or just the fact you gave your clit a four hour work out… either way, let’s talk about masturbation technique. Variety is great. Don’t just stick your fingers over your clit and rub fast circles, vary that with stroking your finger tips over your pussy lips, sliding your fingers into your pussy, grinding the base of the palm of your hand up and down over your whole mound, pulling back the clit hood that covers most clits and exposing the bare clit and very gently tracing your finger tips over it, sliding your fingers up and down the ‘shaft’ of the clit, and anything else you can think of that feels nice.

Give it little breaks, move to just playing with your breasts or pussy or ass and then come back to your clit. Teasing yourself is all part of it. Not quite giving yourself what you want all the time.

And then there’s the issue of lube. Rubbing your clit through the clit hood (just in case you’re not clear on that, see below, the left picture has the clit covered and this is how most girls masturbate, rubbing that skin over their clit, but you can pull it back or it happens when some get aroused, that your clit swells and becomes exposed as in the right picture. The best way to pull it back is to use the fingers of your other hand either side and just gently pull up to your tummy a little bit and then you’ll usually find your super sensitive clit is exposed and ready to be gently played with. A bit like pulling an uncircumsized guy’s foreskin back really’

So, the other key factor in not getting sore is LUBE. Now yes, you produce your own and regularly going and dipping your fingers in your pussy can give many a nice supply to make their fingers slippery. However, mother nature has been out done, in my opinion, by one particular invention. Silicon lube. Just a few drops of this stuff on your finger tips will make your fingers or toys glide over your labia and clit like they’re riding on a glorious sexy slippery cloud. If you’ve never tried it, get some. A little goes a LONG way, even if it looks expensive, trust me, it’s worth it. When you get it, be sure to book the rest of the day out to just lie there and go ‘OMG why didn’t anyone tell me about this stuff before’ as you sink into blissful edging oblivion.

Notice I say silicon lube. Most others are water based and for use on the clit (or penis or anywhere external) they aren’t much good as they evaporate, dry out and get sticky! Water based lubes are great for internal use as they get rehydrated by your pussy juices and last a long time. But on your clit, which doesn’t really self lubricate much, they will dry out over time. Silicon, which is completely body safe, never dries out (although it is slowly absorbed as a moisturiser, so it needs topping up every so often).

As an aside, if you have a male partner and haven’t been using silicon lube to play with HIS cock then stop whatever the fuck you are doing and order it now. It will be the single best Christmas present he ever gets, trust me on this. 

So anyway, to summarise:

Vary what you’re doing, not just clit play, let yourself build up, your clit will get more used to it over time, and use lube!

I hope that helps

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