Advent Denial Challenge day 7

Today’s assignment was to edge in front of a mirror. Upon reading this task, I wasn’t all that exited to be honest. It is not about aelf confidence, I just don’t enjoy sexy things involving mirrors. Nonetheless, I tried to edge but it just didn’t do anything for me. I did however start the day with fingering my ass in the shower, just to have some fun.

So I decided to remain on no touch for another day. I regretted this decision not only ten minutes afterwards. My clit was screaming for attention. But for better part of the day I resisted and remained in a constant haze of arousal. Eventually I decided not to touch myself with my hands, which allowed me to use my ovo vibe and put it in my pants. I didnt help me edge much, it just made me hornier and wetter!

So here I am, panties so soaked that I pit a pullup on top to keep my bed and chairs dry.

Which made me feel utterly little, so I decided to put a onesie on top to show myself how truly a little girl I am right now. You can see the bulge quite well compared to when I wear normal pants too! And pullups usually make me all hot and bothered too so it’s just amping me up more.

So despite not really enjoying the set task, I did have fun today!

Love the improvisation, loving the pull ups to keep from making a mess. Great job!

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