I’m a denial bitch. A girl who takes pleasure in teasing poor, denied little pussies and reminding them just how wonderful it feels to cum. A girl who relishes the thought of having a drippy, desperate, whimpering denial slut tell her she may orgasm, while she herself must pull her hands away. Basically, I’m a submissive meanie. And oh how I love it!

I can’t even believe the fun I had today! After waking up and reading my messages I started chatting with a couple of my new denial buddies we ended up in a chat watching porn and listening to naughty audios together. Each was in a different predicament: one one no-touch (Thankyou James!); one allowed to edge; and myself, the only one of us who got to enjoy a ruin this morning. Let’s just say I had a TONNE of fun teasing these two desperate ladies about my relatively lax denial rules.

It came back to bite me in the ass though. I was doing so well – edging for hours this morning before an extremely frustrating ruin that left me quivering, and giggling from the tingly fuzziness. I absolutely should have turned off the laptop right then and actually done something today, but who can leave two desperate pussies who totally need to be reminded how nice ruins are?

Once one of them started holding her pee I knew I was trapped. As the nominated bitch of the group I ended up making her wait something like 2 and a half hours until she started to wet herself. I simply could not keep my hands off of my pussy for this, which turned out to be a big mistake. I was doing fine, and then my last edge was meant to happen when I let her pee. Except I couldn’t keep from trying to sneak another one in like the naughty slut I am, and of course I went too far and wasted my last ruin of today to stop it. So now I’m going to have to go to sleep horny and I’m in bed wet and sulky right now because my brain thinks it’s time for a ruin.

The thing about ruins in denial is they’re like a safety net. I get them as a reward for being good and edging like a good girl, but if I’m naughty and can’t control myself then I don’t get my reward (accidental ruins suck) and I have to stay extra horny for a while as pfunishment.

I already know what my next denial rules are going to be. One ruin a day and then immediate no-touch. I think that should help me to learn to control my edges a bit better. I’m looking forward to it almost as much as I’m looking forward to cumming.

Lovely to see you discovering new aspects to denial and yourself.
And denial shared, is denial multiplied, good work!

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