Did you just send me a draft or is this a question?

I’ll assume the latter.

Okay so denial, as the thousands of women rubbing themselves to this blog can attest, is pretty fucking addictive. But it’s a really hard concept to explain. It’s much better to show, not tell. 

So what I suggest you do is just introduce it in little bits. Don’t try to make her go for days without cumming. Just try for a single session, promising she can cum latter if she is good. The extend that, draw it out. If you can get her where she manages it for a day praise the hell out of her and reward her with lots of orgasms. Once you get past a day she will hopefully get the ‘denial high’ that lots experience, which is a really good incentive to do longer.

Tie it into submission too. Help her understand YOU love it when she’s horny and needy. That it really turns you on and pleases you. 

Most of all make it fun. Don’t be an asshole about enforcing denial. Give her lots of praise, make her feel special, tell her how denying her makes you feel. Really work on the mindfuck element, if you can get in there the physical will often follow.

But also recognise, she just might not be into it. if she’s really given it a good go and it doesn’t do it for her, but just pisses her off and annoys her. Move on. If it’s a big kink for you then you might negotiate a bit to do it to her sometimes, but there are so many other wonderful kinks to explore, don’t waste time on something that doesn’t do it for you both.

I hope that helps,


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