Thought you might like these. I like to dress up before I play ? I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your blog!

I love them, thank you! And I think dressing up before playing is so great, it amazes me that more don’t do it. Obviously sometimes time doesn’t allow but when you do it it adds that special something, doesn’t it.

You’re beautiful, Anon, and that outfit looks great on you.

But… your room… is a mess! And we don’t want that do we? No no. 

Messy pussies, tidy rooms, that’s our mantra (well it is now).

So you’ve got yourself a surprise task. You’re to tidy your room, do it naked but for your highest heels (we like a challenge). You are on no touch from the time you read this until your room is IMMACULATE. Then you may have a ruin for being a good, tidy girl.

Oh and when you do ruin, look at the pictures you’ve sent me and imagine the thousands of followers rubbing themselves looking at you too, I’m guessing you’ll like that thought.

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