Thank you everyone who’s taken up my ‘offer’ to get in touch and have my input into your denial (if you haven’t seen it the offer is still open

I THINK I’ve got back to everyone who’d messaged me, if I haven’t, I blame Tumblr and just send your messages again.

I have had some truly amazing messages, and thank you again for the lovely feedback about how much you enjoy the blog (I really do love hearing that as it’s quite a lot of work sometimes).

However, one message in particular really captured a description of orgasm denial from a woman’s perspective that is both hot and beautiful, and with the author’s permission, I’m going to share an edited version below. Hopefully it’ll inspire some of you to try it out for yourself!

In real life I’m very shy and reserved girl. No one knows how submissive I am, what dirty and kinky feelings I have. My friends and colleagues don’t even like to swear around me they think I’m so sweet and innocent. 

I kind of like having two different sides to me. It’s like a naughty little secret.

Orgasm denial is absolutely number one on my list of kinks that excite me. It has intrigued me for a very long time. I like to be denied because this might sound crazy – but I crave the release of being able to let go. When I edge and get denied an orgasm, when I hear that word “no” it’s electrifying to me. Being denied control over my own body, a natural human reaction to pleasure. 

When I get denied I get so fucking desperate to cum i just don’t care anymore. It turns me into that different person. It allows me to give myself permission to feel crazy horny, desired, sexy, obedient, uninhibited. A shameless slut that will say and do anything to finally earn even the smallest of orgasms. The hornier I get, the less I think, which is the best state of mind for me. It makes me more open to do and reveal things I normally wouldn’t. The more desperate I am, the more ready I’ll be to do even more filthy acts. 

When I lie in bed at night, wide awake in the darkness, my pussy wetter than ever, my clit throbbing, it’s very hard for me to think about anything other than cock and pussy and fucking and orgasms. That is where I need my mind to be all the time. And I fucking live for those feelings. 

I also enjoy some humiliation mixed in with the denial. Verbally and physically. For example, you getting enjoyment out of denying me so much, getting me so fucking desperate that I’m humping inanimate objects and rubbing myself on the corner of the mattress like a dog in heat – all in the hope that you’ll let me have one tiny orgasm.   Or letting me bring you to the climax I’m not allowed to have. My pussy dripping and aching as I listen to your moans of pleasure and release. 

I haven’t found anyone that is on the same level with denial as me. Someone who gets as much enjoyment from denying me as I do getting denied. Doms that I have played with seemed to give in so easily to my begging, not fully understanding what I need and crave

Every time I play, I edge myself. I can’t not. Because I know the orgasm is never even half as good as when I deny and edge and wait. But I have a lot of trouble denying myself on my own. I can edge maybe 5 or 6 times but I always give in and cum. But in all honesty, when I play by myself, my orgasms feel meaningless. They feel meaningless because if they aren’t sanctioned by someone else.

After following your blog for so long, I feel like you could be that imaginative and strong willed Dom I have been craving, that can give me what i NEED and that may not necessarily line up with what I WANT. If you took control of my orgasms, Sir, I would appreciate any guidance, help and time you feel I deserve.

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