It’s going to take time to retrain your body from your reliance on that particular way of masturbating. But I think it’s great you’re trying it. I know it’s hard in the short-term but the more I read about it the more it seemed to fuck up people’s future sex lives as they just couldn’t cum anyway way but like that.

A big part of orgasm denial and masturbation in general is learning more about your body and your sexual desires and what feels good. So well done, persevere, you’re trading some short term frustration for what we hope will be a much improved life time of sexual pleasure.

Definitely worth it. Let us know how it goes!

Also if your thigh squeezing was just the prone type (lying face down on your bed) don’t forget the fact lots of other women use thigh squeezing differently, that is, sat up, usually with legs crossed, and can cum, or edge doing that.

It may be worth experimenting with that as a ‘half way house’ of getting yourself out of the prone masturbation habit as the only way you can get off.

And just as a PSA – this bed humping ‘prone masturbation’ is reportedly bad for GUYS as it can can damage the penis. Girls I think you have less to worry about apart from getting stuck with it as the only way you can cum. 

Either way, as the OP is doing, variety is GOOD. So even if you don’t do these types, but only masturbate and edge one way, mix it up people. The key to being a good lover is creativity, so start with yourself!

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