Bless you. I wish I could answer them all but I just get so many. I tend to prioritise ones that I think my answer would be helpful to a bunch of people, rather than just the individual. I tend to ignore ones that could just be answered by looking through the blog – the search function really works pretty well.

If it’s entertaining or gives me leeway to be a sarcastic SOB then it’s always good.

Does it get my cock hard? I’m very likely to reply.

Oh and non anonymous asks get a bit of a priority but it’s fine to send them anon.

But most of all I’m afraid it’s a bit of luck. How busy am I that day, how many asks did I get, it’s nothing personal I’m afraid, just life.

If you’re genuinely desperate for an answer then you can always message me on the infernal Tumblr messaging system. I’m often not online though so don’t expect an instant response.

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