They’d been best friends since kindergarten. They looked the same, they dressed the same, they were even jokingly referred to as ‘The twins’ by friends and family.

When Alice found the blog she immediately told Anna, of course she would. They read it together that night.

‘Oh my god is this…?’

‘…Getting me wet, gosh yes!’ the other replied.

Then they found the denial dare game. They played it that first time, anxiously, embarrassed, they’d only ever practised kissing with each other before. But they were very competitive, each wanted to be the winner, and after reading the blog they both wanted the other to lose, to deny them.

Before long they played it most evenings. All embarrassment gone, every spin the opportunity for shameless enjoyment with each other. They skip the shared fantasy results, they know it all now; the secret dreams they’d both discovered they held about the other, the desire to share the loss of their virginity, even the dark secret fantasies that had at first shocked, and then fascinated them both.

They’ve forgotten whose idea it was to contact James.

They’re both his now, the two of them and their orgasms.

They hadn’t realised the wheel was just the start of how far they could go with this. They’re loving learning. Neither of them cum any more without his permission. Every day is a new adventure, emboldened by their constant arousal, empowered by a new self-love encouraged by their deepest of friendships. Local boys they’ve grown up with are frankly terrified of them and so they should be. 

But they love it, they can’t get enough of it, or each other. They’re getting their own apartment for college soon, where they plan to be open about the nature of their friendship and lifestyle. It happens to be in Jame’s hometown. No longer ‘The twins but, his twins’.

They can’t wait.

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