They both ground themselves up and down on the firm hotel pillows, little cries of pleasure spurring the other on. It was so cruel, not even allowed to touch themselves, or each other. Today of all days. 

That’s what the instructions had said, laid out beside the two sets of black underwear he’d chosen. That was cruel too, they’d relished seeing each other naked. He’d not let them wear the beautiful white lingerie they’d picked out, instead, taking that walk of a lifetime, utterly naked under their expensive dresses.

And now here they were, exchanging loving glances, desperate words, describing what they wish they could do to the other one. Soon the tears came, an ecstasy of denial. They didn’t think he’d go this far, but their tears celebrated that he had.

The timer went off. They both collapsed onto the pillows. Neither had failed, neither had come. Their fingers interlaced. Finally, they could touch again, kiss again. But that was all, for now.

Once they’d caught their breath the lingerie came back off, and was laid neatly on the bed. They wondered what instructions they’d find by it later when it really mattered.

Naked again they touched up their make-up, caressing each other’s hair back into the beautiful shapes the hairdressers had created earlier.

They kissed again, helping each other into their perfect white dresses. How time had flown, the guests would be waiting. Food had to be eaten. Speeches given.

And then the honeymoon to look forward to.

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