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This really might be a Tumblr Killer, just look at my stats:

This is for my notes per day:

And most worryingly this is my latest activity for new followers:

It’s gone from about 180 new followers a day to 9 a day, that’s a 95% drop.

If you want blogs like mine to survive:

  1. Turn off Best Stuff First in your mobile settings (see above)
  2. Turn on notifications for your favourite blogs so you actually might see when we post
  3. Write a review on the app or play store saying how awful the default Best Stuff First feature is and how it’s killing Tumblr as a place for creative original content

Also, if this all goes to hell, which it might, add to your bookmarks as even if this blog is taken down or dies, that’ll be where I’ll be posting my orgasm denial content (at the moment it just forwards to here but tumbler own this sub-domain).

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