Here’s a fabulous report of a follower using, and then following through with the tasks given to her by the Wheel of Denial. Thank you anon, you did brilliantly and it’s a wonderful write up!

Hi James!

I used the wheel for the first time today (day 2 of edging!) for my last edge before bed (30 minutes of porn, no touch; I’m dripping) and decided to use it to plan my day for tomorrow. The plan was to spin 3 times and get 3 tasks to do before I can cum tomorrow since 3 days seemed like a good length of time for my first try.

I guess your wheel had other plans. My spins went as follows:

  • 4 edges
  • 2 edges
  • 100 dildo fucks, spin again
  • Get on all 4s, spin again
  • Ruin

Good thing I’m off work tomorrow, I’m going to be busy. Happy new year to me!

Hi James! I submitted something on here last night about letting The Wheel call the shots on what was supposed to be the end of my first ever 3-day denial. I kept a log of everything I did today to share with you, enjoy!

My spins went as follows: 4 edges; 2 edges; 100 dildo fucks, spin again; get on all fours, spin again; ruin.

4 Edges

1) 3:36-3:48 AM I woke up aroused just thinking about all the fun that’s ahead of me today and figured that since it’s after midnight I might as well get started. I started by alternating between circling my clit with my index finger and finger fucking myself with my middle and ring fingers, then switched to rubbing my whole cunt with all 3. I didn’t let myself get too close for fear of not being able to stop in time with how tired I am, but I think I was still closer than I got yesterday. Maybe I’ll get the hang of truly riding the edge one of these days, but before 4 AM doesn’t seem like the time to risk it. I don’t want to ruin until all my edges are done.

2) 6:04-6:56 I don’t think I got back to sleep after my last edge. After I was done I made a plan for the rest of my tasks and I don’t think my body let me more than doze after. But I had decided I wasn’t going to edge again until at least 6 and I kept to it. I also don’t remember who gave me the penguin PillowPet, but I’m guessing they never intended for me to hump it in my dark room for the better part of an hour when they bought it for me. Turns out that it’s the perfect shape and size to straddle and if you put a couple other pillows under it it’s the perfect height. And it also turns out that I really enjoy humping pillows. Or at least PillowPets. I’m glad my horny, sleep-deprived self decided to try it, because it never really appealed to me before. I left my panties on so it was simultainously so deliciously good and not nearly enough. I couldn’t help but think that if I just had a little more friction or something inside me I would have cum at least twice. But good girls don’t cum and I want so desperately to be good. For added affect I tied my top up so my tits were exposed to the cool air of my bedroom. Leaving my shirt on while being so exposed made it that much better. As did the thoughts running through my head. Yesterday afternoon I briefly sexted with a guy friend who is much more dominant than me and one of the things he told me he wanted me to do was to climb into his lap and fuck myself on his cock while asking if I was doing a good enough job to please him. I probably would have stayed there happily humping away until my legs gave out or I got caught if I didn’t still have so much to do. And my legs were starting to get tired and I still have 4 edges, at least one of which I plan on being on my knees for, and I have to ruin on all 4s after I finish my edges and dildo, well hairbrush since I don’t have a dildo, fucks.

3) 10:36-12:10 I pulled my panties up into me and used a small pin to hold them bunched together so they wouldn’t slip. My goal was to spend at least 15 minutes in one of the main living areas of the house interacting with my family while trying not to focus on the friction rubbing against my clit. It ended up being quite a bit longer because we were taking all the ornaments off the Christmas tree and packing them up. Mostly inside sitting down trying to be subtle about grinding down on the strip of fabric pressing against me, but I ended up outside in front of the house at one point looking for something, bent over wondering if the next door neighbor was at home and possibly enjoying the view. I almost gasped out loud when I pulled them back out, and I’m really looking forward to pulling them back up into me in a little bit.

4) 1:08-1:31 Every time I sext with the guy I mentioned earlier at some point the scenario turns to me on my knees in front of him begging him to cum all over my face, and it always makes me drip just thinking about it. So edging to girls getting their faces covered in cum seemed like a logical choice to make. I started with the video from the advent calendar and then found another one, making for about 20 minutes of touching myself and wishing I was one of those girls. Part of the time I was on my knees but after about 10 minutes minutes I couldn’t feel my feet so I changed positions and kept going. 1 task down, 3 more to go!

2 Edges

1) 5:39-6:07 I thought it was time to give my pussy a taste of what it’s going to get after my last edge. Running the handle of the hairbrush I’m going to use in place of a dildo up and down my slit, teasing my hole. Just the first inch or so, there’s a lot more dripping to do before it gets the whole thing. I can actually hear how wet I am, that doesn’t normally happen. Not sure how I’m going to be able to calm myself down enough to stay in control of myself and keep from going over, but I sure as hell am going to do everything I can. Part of me is craving the ruin I get to do tonight, part of me doesn’t even want to go that far, just wants to stay wet and slightly desperate like I am right now forever.

2) 6:38-6:58 I decided to take a bit of inspiration from The Wheel for my last edge. One of the things it could have landed on that caught my eye includes the phrase “apply nipple suckers.” So I thought it was time to revisit my old makeshift nipple clamps: bobby pins. Off came my bra and the teasing began. Once they were on and my parties were pulled up like a crotch rope again, I pulled up a 17 minute video I already found of women getting their tits played with and hit play. No touching, just watching, sitting completely still. It hurts a little more watching them feel pleasure, which makes it all the better.

100 Dildo Fucks

8:45-8:52 Long slow strokes, feeling every last millimetre as I slowly pushed it in and then dragged it back out. Every tiny movement driving me wild, even as I write this, because on the 100th stroke, I simply left it in. I love how full I feel right now, it’s like scratching an itch I didn’t even know I had. I feel so naughty. My brother’s room is right next to mine, the only thing that separates them is a door. He’s in his room right now, the door is open and I’m laying in bed with my panties and leggings around my ankles and a hairbrush sticking out of me. The only thing keeping him or, anyone else, from seeing it is a blanket.

Ruin on All Fours

9:43-9:59 In all honesty given how horny I’ve been all day, I’m surprised it took me so long to really get going again. Maybe it was because I was on all fours, but usually panty stuffing does the trick nicely when I wanted a ruin during my very short-term dabblings with denial, but tonight it just didn’t. I ended up pulling them back out and just using my hand. Still simultaneously extremely satisfying and extremely unsatisfying, no matter what position you do it in. My legs are still shaking so I’m not going to leave my bed any time soon now that I’ve gotten back in it.

Overall Thoughts

I enjoyed doing this and letting the wheel determine my actions for the day, though I am slightly disappointed that the orgasm I had promised myself I would have tonight got turned into a ruin, because I know I don’t have enough in me to do more tonight.

I’m proud of myself, though. Today pushed me farther than I thought I was capable of going. The most edges I’d ever done in a day before today was 3. Today I did 7. 8 if you include the ruin. It’s kind of amazing, realizing that my body is able to do it, and that mentally I have the self-control needed to keep myself in line. I also tried new things: humping pillows and getting off on all fours. The all fours I’m still fairly indifferent on, though I should probably try it again when I’m less tired and more aroused and see how I feel then. I’m a total pillow humping convert, though. I love how needy it made me feel without getting me anywhere close, and I worked up a sweat. I feel like I got a workout in this morning without leaving my bed and once my legs recover I see it becoming a regular thing.

Even before today I was starting to see a difference in my whole attitude. I feel sexier and more confident than I ever thought I could and I couldn’t be more grateful to you and this blog for opening me up to this amazing new world. Thank you!

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