The rumour quickly spread. Someone in the dorm had cum during her edging practise and not ruined it.

The culprit’s name was revealed with a few strokes on the first girl’s bottom, but nonetheless, all the girls were still punished, simply as a group disincentive to do it again – all while the guilty girl watched, forced to edge as an ironic twist.

When it came to her turn she got a stroke for every one her friends had received, and was then stripped and collared. She’d forfeit clothes for the week as her public penance.

All her edges would have to be done on her knees in the middle of the floor for the week too, they’d take turns to watch her and make sure she didn’t get them in trouble again. Although not officially sanctioned, the tradition was her dormmates would be sure to make her compensate for their suffering too. She’d be edging them the whole week, and not with her hands. 



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