About seven years ago I was lucky to make a friend who became a sub of mine, and who introduced me to this most wonderful of kinks, the deliberate, prolonged denial of orgasms.

Sure, I’d teased before, delayed, made a woman so incredibly horny she was almost in tears, but I’d always delivered, always given them that sweet release they craved so much.

But that was before Ashley. I remember well the first time she pointed me to a blog, now defunct, that dealt with orgasm denial, as a hint of what she really wanted. I recall with a smile the words she whispered as we played, ‘Please, please don’t let me cum’ – and at that moment was born in me what has grown to be my favourite and most adored kink.

This blog exists for me to share my passion for the simple joy of keeping a woman in the agonising ecstasy of orgasm denial. Of keeping her aroused, teased, wet and horny all day, craving that sweet release but also loving how it makes her feel, how alive and vibrant, erotic and controlled. And yes, it’s very much one of the submissive kinks.

I hope to share some of the things I’ve learnt, true stories from my wonderful experiences with women who have discovered they are into this with me, and lots else that will inspire and arouse.

I also have several women who have submitted their orgasms to me and who I’m currently keeping in a state of denial, I’m going to have them share some of their experiences in their own words too.

If you’re curious and have any questions, please feel free to make use of the Ask function. If you’d like to know more about what it means to be ‘put in denial’ then also, get in touch and we can discuss your situation.


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