About a year ago my Dom had me start using a castille hemp oil soap, leaving me to choose the fragrance. I prefer lavender over peppermint due to its calming qualities in and out of the shower. We both enjoy the way it makes me soft as velvet head to toe. Today I decided to use the peppermint oil liquid version I usually reserve for my face all over my body. Washing everywhere in the normal fashion, absent mindedly washing my vagina and ass, then went about the rest of my shower as normal. To my horror and delight the peppermint oil began to work it’s magic. I am on no touch til further notice and had suffer through the oddly powerfully cold yet very pleasurable sensation now ravaging my tender bits front to back. Once I finished my shower I told my Dom of my mishap to which he grinned his evil “I know something you don’t know” grin and asked if his pussy was wet. I replied “very! Im going nuts!” I have a feeling this may become a requirement in the future. Side note: we are long haul truck drivers and this was right after my shift ended. My Dom went about his shift like nothing had happened. I had to attempt sleep with my tingling pussy all day with no relief in sight from my most amused Dom.

I love it! Thank you for the submission.


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