Hi everyone, happy Tumblrgeddon!

I wanted to update you all on the latest plans for the blog, as I’ve been working feverishly on it the last few days.

Here’s the current plan

My Tumblr blog is staying right here, and will still get plenty of content. This is where I’ll be answering asks, setting tasks and competitions, and posting the hottest captions and stories I can get away with under the new rules.

That’s going to be under review for a while depending on if Tumblr actually makes stuff like search work again, and what actually happens to explicit tagged blogs like mine (that option’s now disappeared from settings) and just what I can get away with.

Do note though, the url for this blog is now:


but that won’t affect you if you use the app. and female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com will always work, but it’s a pain in the arse to type out, amirite?

That new address is because I’ve now set up my own WordPress site at 


I’ve just finished importing ALL my existing posts in there, which is pretty awesome, but it looks like shit which is fine as it’s just posts right now. I’ll put a pretty front end with pages and all that stuff on it later this week.

The plan for edging.space is to become the hub of all the other edging stuff I create, and give a more structured educational feel to it all, but it is hosted on proper adult hosting so bits of it will still be very NSFW (woo hoo).

But also I’ve created a place for you to really get your rocks (almost) off with the kinkier shit you lot seem to love, and that’s using bdsmlr – which as you’ll have read is struggling to cope with all your horny browsing right now but I’m putting daily captions and images up there and it’s the best option for that stuff right now. A shit ton of you have already followed so thanks for that.


In other news, I’ve also set up a reddit, but can’t see myself using a lot yet, my Twitter will be reblogging all my Tumblr content, so it’s a good back up if Tumblr cans this blog.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for all the wonderful messages. I’ve got hundreds of asks to reply to that I’ve been too busy for these last two weeks so I’ll get on that ASAP, and don’t forget the Advent Denial Challenge you can still access at:


Oh yeah and I downloaded 400,000 images from my favourite blogs so I’ve got plenty of stuff to work with, SFW or NOT.

Love you all


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