Okay lovely followers, today’s been busier than expected so this is just a quick outline and we’ll build on it properly tomorrow.

We’re going to see how long you can stay denied from today, each day there will be little instructions and hopefully some of you will give us some reports to encourage everyone.

It’ll be pretty laid back, this is about having fun, not big guilt trips if you don’t manage it. But yes, the objective is that you’ll go the entire month of January without cumming, until you can on the 31st, so a 30 day challenge.

Here are the basic rules:

  1. You are not allowed to orgasm

  2. You must edge at least three separate times a day
  3. If you go over the edge by accident you must ruin the orgasm

I’ll add a mix of instructions and guides as we go along, plus some dares for the brave. Do let me have any thoughts on how I can improve it, and reblog to spread the word!

Have fun and stay horny,


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