Dreading my last edge of the night.  What if the ever growing mind haze of this seemingly permanent arousal leads me to fall over the edge into orgasm before I recognize it?  The Slippery Slope makes itself known so well.

This cascading of emotion around edging, orgasm denial and all things related is wearing and exhilarating.  The thrill of arousal meets the ongoing dilemma of willing submission to the challenge.

Mindfuckery continues.  

Day 8 is ending.  

Things to celebrate:
– Passing my Dom friend’s test challenge and happily, patiently, awaiting his edging task.
– Finding out ass fucking may not be the yucky thing I’ve always thought it was. 
– Completing 8 edges so far today as well as getting all my other work done. That’s a lot more than required for the challenge.  (Hey, wait … why did I do that???)
– Feeling grounded in a very ungrounded way. Hazy arousal is growing on me as the new normal for my usually sharp brain.
– No pillows were harmed in today’s humping attacks.

Surrender is pleasure. Submission is pleasure. Obedience is pleasure.  Edging is pleasure.  

Not having orgasms … is just wrong, so very wrong.

Why did I agree to this edging challenge again?  Oh God … the couch arm is beckoning me from across the room.  Maybe I will just give it a few good humps on my way to the bedroom.  Really.  Just a few …

Mindfuckery and an aroused, wet pussy, hard nipples, and excited heart rate. Mmmmmm, what a lovely, painful day this has been.  

So wrong, and so right.
Not that it’s your choice any more, little denial slut.

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