Terrifying… and so hot, right?

And yes, of course, you can message me! It’s always even better if you’ve just edged before you say hi, just sayin’ (not really necessary but it does make you braver!).

Oh and please remember, I’m not here 24 hours a day (and I live in England). If I don’t reply it’s because I’m NOT HER.E

One bit of advice to anyone thinking of messaging me, just (and I know this may sound dickish but it’s an important life skill), please, be interesting.

I LOVE chatting to my followers (god that makes it sounds like the Cult of Denial), but if I ask you to tell me a bit about yourself, ‘What would you like to know?’ is a really depressingly unimaginative response.

Come prepared to be interesting! (this is a generally useful tip for all new conversations btw, just, maybe not always the following topics…)

Tell me interesting stuff! How you found my blog, what are you passionate about, what gets you wet, do you have an awesome job or aspire to one, your best denial experiences, what keeps you awake at night, what do you think about yourself, your funny sex toy story, how horny you are even messaging me (asking permission to touch yourself while we chat is a big win), oh and your age and rough location are always useful too for context.

Bonus tip, if you start a response with ‘Well I’ve never told anyone this but…’ then damn girl, I’m hooked already!

I’ll also add anything you say is in confidence, so yes you could set up an empty blog to message me from, but I will be so much more engaged if I can see a bit of the real you through your blog and posts.

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