The heirarchy in the school was simple. The girl who had gone without cumming the longest took Top place, The next longest, second; and so on to the ‘Bottoms’ who had all been made to cum within the current month.

The Bottoms served the Tops on demand, it wasn’t just pleasuring them, but they’d do their work, take their punishments, and serve them pretty much any way they demanded. You’d be shocked if I told you what some of them were made to do.

Once a week a Bottom got the chance to ‘challenge’ a Top. Ten minutes unhindered access with her mouth to make her cum. If she succeeded, she would join the ranks of the Tops. Failure meant loss of all privileges, including underwear, snacks and any form of self pleasuring.

Amanda liked to take her challenges in public, just to rub a Bottom’s failure, literally, in their face. But she wasn’t done then. She’d take revenge in private, edging and teasing the failed girl to tears and beyond. That they couldn’t touch themselves for a week after was a torture she enjoyed immensely.

There wasn’t a girl in the school who didn’t look at her mouth and shiver.

She wasn’t called Head Girl for nothing…

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