The Edge Suit

In 2027 the Orgasm Restriction Act was passed and soon it led to great strides in innovation with edging technology. 

Foremost amongst these was the Edge Suit. Designed to keep its wearer in a constant state of arousal, the suit integrated state of the art monitoring and stimulation apparatus

At first it was worn under clothing, and that was still a major part of its use. But younger women, who’d never known life before The Act, came to embrace the suit as a status symbol, wearing it and nothing else but shoes. 

The latest suits were so advanced that wearers could simply be sealed into them, it would handle all waste and cleansing functions. The girl wearing it would literally never be able to touch herself.

Knowing that they would be completely unable to orgasm once sealed in, an automatic colour coding system was adopted, the suit reflecting how long it had been since the occupant had climaxed. 

Cyan, Magenta and Yellow were 3, 6 and 12 months respectively. Black was 2 years.

But white… white was never.

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