One of the things I’ve found so interesting about orgasm denial is how my body has changed. And it happened so rapidly, and for the better.

  • My nipples have become so sensitive. Before this, they were not sensitive at all. My husband could run his tongue over them, and unless I was looking directly at him, I wouldn’t even know he had done it. It’s probably why I love rough touches to my nips. But now, he has me wiggling and writhing under him as he gently swirls his tongue over them. I’m in ecstasy, my friends. And the pain is better too!
  • I’m wet, almost all the time. And when I’m not, it doesn’t take me long to get there.
  • The type of wetness is different. I’m sure if this is a common thing, then all you other denied ladies will understand what I mean. It’s slipperier, it’s stringier (like when I pull my wet finger away, the wetness will make a long strand). And this new wetness is AMAZING to touch myself with… it’s just the perfect lube.
  • The…. aroma. I’m not going to get into this, cause I’m really not sure what the deal is. But there’s definitely a new aroma. Anyone want to explain to me wtf that’s about?
  • Oh and last but not least – I feel a thousand times more sexy. Like, all the time.

Anyone else find any changes to their body? I’d love to hear about it, both men and women! (and really men, I’m so interested how it might be different for you!)

ps – there needs to be more gifs from the show Big Mouth, because the Hormone Monster/Monstress are freaking amazing and very quotable.

Marvellous post from @littlemisssubshine on some of the benefits and impact of edging and denial.
Do add your experiences!

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