The Coin

I handed you the little ribboned box with a smile, ‘Happy Birthday.’

Curiously she opened it, even more bemused at the shiny silver low denomination coin it held. ‘It’s the orgasm I promised you’, I explained, ‘Well the possibility of it at least. Heads you orgasm, tails, you’re denied.’

‘But you said I could cum, that my birthday present was for my denial to end!’ she complained, but her pulse beating hard on her neck betrayed her excitement.

‘I did darling, you’re right, and if you want that, just give me the coin back, you can reject my gift, I really won’t be upset’. I held out my hand and smiled.

It had been seven months since she’d begun her denial for me, both of us expecting it to just be a few days. When that had turned into weeks I’d teased about making her birthday present her next orgasm. The way she went quiet told me I’d hit a button in her that couldn’t be unpressed.

She stood with the coin in her hand for a good minute, then looked up from it into my eyes and simply said, ‘Thank you for my present, it’s perfect’ and with that, flipped it into the air and watched it spin and fall.

The coin hit the floor and rolled away under the bed before it settled on the wooden floor, out of sight, with a little whir and then a clink. 

Before she she got down to find it, I stopped her, turned her face to mine and asked, ‘Princess, tell me, when you find that coin, what do you hope it will be?

Again she paused, biting her lip in that way that makes me melt, ‘I hope it’s tails, sir’.

I took her hand, ‘Then that’s what it is. Now lie down on the bed, I’m going to edge you with my mouth as a reward.’

As she lay there, my kisses slowly working up her thighs, she stopped me for a moment and asked, ‘But, when can I see if it was heads or tails, James?’

I whispered with a delighted smile, before closing my lips around her swollen clit, ‘Next birthday, princess’.

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