I sent Diva this picture earlier, here’s the conversation we then had…

Your chair is waiting for when you get home…

Can’t we put Snowflake in there and then take turns using her?

Sounds perfect! Although… it’ll only take a few days before… you whisper in my ear, ‘I want to be in the chair’

Hmm maybe you’re right

Then I’d strip you, lock in you in, and make a call, ‘She asked. You can come over now’.

Ohh! Who do you call?

And as the doorbell rang, I’d walk over to you, give you a kiss, and slip a tight blindfold over your eyes

But…but then I don’t see anything!

No, you’d just suck what you’re given like a good little slut

I’m like please tell me but please don’t tell me and I don’t know what to say because that’s really hot

Maybe I’d slip earphones on you with some hot, loud music, so they can talk

No no that would be mean!

Hands would touch you too, someone kneeling beside you, feeling, squeezing, probing, you realise from the scent, it’s a girl

But you would always be there too?

Of course, but just as you try to imagine who it is, the chair shakes as someone sits in it and a cock you don’t know, presses against your cheek, and you make a decision, and open your beautiful mouth

At heart I’m a big slut

It’s liberating, isn’t it

Yeah but still better if someone forces you to let it out

That’s what I’m here for.

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