Who’s my biggest fan?!

So, on the semi-useful activity page that we all get on Tumblr there’s an interesting feature I thought we could have some fun with.

It gives me a list of who my ‘Biggest Fans’ of the week have been. This seems to be made up of the four followers who have given me the most reblogs and likes.

So here’s the challenge. Try to be my biggest fan! Find the magic formula of reblogging or liking my posts that gets you on the podium, and you can win a prize!

The Prizes

  • First place – a day of orgasms, yes, if you are my biggest fan that week and you ask me, you will be allowed to cum!
  • Second place – one orgasm, with strict terms decided by me, attached
  • Third or fourth place – a day of ruined orgasms with a chance for a full orgasm

How it works

You have to send me an ask – from your main account! No, no anonymous asks (obviously!) and it has to be your main account as that’s the one Tumblr will show me.

I am not going to post a list of my fans – you have to ask me. And I’ll keep your details anonymous unless you tell me otherwise.

Start the message with ‘Am I your biggest fan?’

But don’t just say ‘Am I your biggest fan?’ and leave it at that, tell me what you love about the blog or a bit about yourself or what you like to do with denial. Let’s start something special, even if you’re not a winner.

I will look at the results for THE WEEK, not the day, 3-day or month activity, and see if you are one of my biggest fans. (So no, you can’t just like everything one day and get your orgasm!)

If you are, I will tell you, and let you know which prize and any associated conditions.

Here’s the twist though, if you message me to ask if you’re my biggest fan, and you are not in the top four, I may reply on the blog with a forfeit! Oh yes, something you’ll have to do that will leave you horny and possibly embarrassed, probably both.

Oh and if you message me asking and i can’t see any evidence of you liking or reblogging me, I probably just won’t reply. I know some of you get off on forfeits, don’t think I’m not aware of your tricks!

Wait, this might be a really bad idea.. *hits send

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