Is one response I had to the post I made yesterday (thank you!), but on the other hand I got this too:

I had to unfollow over your misogyny bullshit. A woman’s sole purpose in life isn’t to be fucked or fuck, our bodies were made to give life & nurture it – life literally depends on us, that’s why you men want to control our bodies via anti abortion laws & orgasm denial. I thought you were different but you’re just like the rest of the porn blogs. You come off “nice” to make your misogyny more appealing. Genuinely disgusted with you – you’re just another rapey, misogynist.I bet you won’t pub this 

You bet wrong. I’m sorry you felt you had to unfollow, but thank you for your eloquent opinion (which I mostly agree with). What I wrote was clearly flagged up as a fantasy that some might enjoy with a bit of science mixed in which I thought was an interesting way to increase its impact. But I’m really not another rapey misogynist (although I’m not sure I’m ‘nice’ either).

At a more balanced level this was a note posted on it, just the kind of thing I was hoping:

I generally don’t enjoy misogyny kink, but for some reason this got me. Possibly the preface made it more enjoyable? Or the soft, not so much hating women as objectifying them in a fantasy setting? I dunno. But I think I’ve a full blown breeding kink now. Ta very much. Lol.

You’re so welcome! Nicely described.

I was going to repeat my point about this being a kink, for some, and it’s okay not to like it, it’s also quite fun to discover you do, but it was put pretty much perfectly in another note:

Its almost like even tho it isnt my cup of tea it can be others and it doesn’t effect me at all wowzers


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