Oh good lord. 

Firstly, if you think that calling someone ‘Daddy’ is even close to serious DDLG (’daddy dom, little girl’ in kink speak) then holy shit you are in for a surprise when you browse the internet. 

Secondly, grow the fuck up. Calling a partner ‘Daddy’ is pretty damn common. I’m sorry you don’t like it (and as it turns out it does little for me either) but good grief, are you really that uptight that you’re bothering to complain, anonymously I might add, to me just about what one consenting adult calls another? And beyond that, drawing a parallel to paedophilia in your comment? 

Thirdly, in my experience the whole ddlg thing sexualises adults, not children. In my dabbling with just the concept of being a ‘daddy dom’ I essentially found it to be like my normal domming, ‘but just the nice stuff’. A bit boring if you ask me but lovely to provide a safe, loving space for a sub who could find comfort in that element of regression it brought. There was NO sense of it being trying to pretend she was underage, that’s not what it was about at all, it was about creating that nurturing, safe connection between us, and yes, it tapped into my fatherly instincts in interesting ways that my normal domming, meaner and more sadistic, rarely does.

I also asked Cupcake for her input, and just to tell you the two of them are very mature adults in their 30s and 40s. Her comment was, ‘The daddy thing is interesting, it surprised both of us, but once we discovered it, it was just so right. 

We both have busy, responsibility filled lives, we are each others escape, he gets control, I get to give up control, things we both need.’

So there you go, no it’s not clear to me at all, and ultimately what two consenting adults get up to is pretty much up to them in my book and on this blog. It’s right for them, how about you mind your own business and let them decide what they like and need. (yea?)

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